AFTERSHOP - Exploring the future notion of the shop
We are delighted to announce our first 'Wake Up Call’ morning seminar on Thursday 23 April 2015. Please join us at the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch where we will explore the new notion of the shop and the future of the high-street.

Far from the Internet killing shops, it will liberate them. The future of shopping will not be about technology, it will be about anthropology!

Portland Design will investigate the new notion of the shop and the future of the high-street by analysing how brands and retailers can navigate the societal, technological and cultural changes that are shaping our new shopping ecosystem. Conventional norms and demographic marketing segmentation are being challenged daily by new definitions of convenience, loyalty, experience and value.

Consumers are increasingly questioning the role of the environments they inhabit, the goods they own and the services they subscribe to. Accessing what they need when they need it makes their transient lives easier and more agile. To adapt to this behavioural shift shopping environments have to repurpose themselves as hubs for interest groups and places of learning and conviviality where the idea of 'on-line' and 'off-line' will be redundant as digital and physical worlds increasingly converge to tap into unmet needs of local communities.

Our Early Bird tickets are available until the 18th of March:

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  • Our CNN Traveler Café project officially launched on Sunday at Abu Dhabi International Airport.
  • Delighted to have been involved in the planning and design of Norway's newest shopping centre, Hamar Stadion, which opened last month!
  • Congratulations to our colleague Keeley Lascelles on being promoted to Associate!
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